Thanks to Dark Willow for the name.

This is a small and very basic FreeMiNT setup for all Ataris and compatibles. You need atleast 6Mb RAM and about 6Mb free space on your boot partition.

VanillaMiNT is a pure GEM-based MiNT-install. There is no command- line or advanced startup-scripts, if this is what you want you have to look elsewhere.

1. Download it

VanillaMiNT is available for most Atari hardware. Todo:

2. Prepare your computer

Disable *everything* in your auto-folder and *all* accessories. The only exception is nvdi.prg which required, XaAES will not work with the TOS VDI.

If you already have a folder called "MINT" in the root of this drive, please delete or rename it.

Please note that if you have non-standard hardware you might have to keep drivers/config tools enabled. E.g. graphics card driver, Afterburner driver, Hades MMM-tools, FPU emulators... Running order matters! You can with some exceptions keep your current running order and place MiNT last. The Hades/Milan/Afterburner FPU emulator must run *after* mint.prg.

3. Install

4. Reboot

If you followed step 1 and 2 your Atari will now boot MiNT. After approximately 30 seconds Teradesk will appear. If it didn't -read point 2 and 3 again.

When MiNT has booted and things seems to work, you can set up the network (if you have any). Please run the "Networking"-tool. This is a GEM-based tool that will let you set up the network with either static settings or with DHCP.

If you are using stock video hardware you can change resolution using Teradesk, but the selected resolution will be forgotten after the next reboot. Use the "Screenmodes"-tool to permanently change resolution. Only use this tool if you're using stock hardware! It will not work with graphics cards.

You can also enable your accessories and auto-folder programs, but please beware that many of these aren't needed (like most patching programs found in the autofolder) and might even crash your Falcon.

Please have a look at the FreeMiNT wiki for more information about FreeMiNT.

March 24th, 2017
Jo Even Skarstein